Volume 6, Number 1, 2021, 55 – 66

CamEd Students’ Career Choices and Plans: Influences and Motivators


Juliet Cadungog-Uy, PhD, MBA, DM, LLB.

Professor, CamEd Business School

Email: [email protected]


This study examined the factors that influenced student’s choice of the accounting course, their short-term and long-term career plans, and the soft skills they want to learn and develop to prepare them better for their planned career. The respondents were 172 second-year students of CamEd Business School. The results show that extrinsic factors have strongly influenced the students in choosing the accountancy course as they believed this course will give them the ability to start their own business. Six out of ten students aspire of becoming an auditor and half of these desire to work with the big 4, referring to the four leading accounting firms in the world. Another half of the students aspire to manage their own business. The majority reported their preference to work with an employer that will provide them with an opportunity to learn and grow.

Students’ short-term plans include having an internship during college, studying short-termtraining courses, cross-enrollment in another school, looking for a job while studying at CamEd, and looking for a scholarship to study abroad. Their long-term career plans indicate a trend starting from looking for a job after graduation, start working in a low-level position and develop their skills, then look for a high paying job, then save money, and start their own business. The soft skills they need are good communication skills both oral and in writing as well as critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Curriculum enrichment may be recommended considering students’ needs and career plans.

Keywords: Accounting course; career plans; soft skills.


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