Volume 7, Number 2, 2022,  85 – 98

Lecture Recording: Mini-Experiment and Student Usage


Monirith Ly, PhD.

Lecturer, CamEd Business School

Email: [email protected]



During the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity of online education, many institutions recorded lectures for students who needed more awareness of the effects of this practice. First, this paper thematically reviews the research literature on both benefits and drawbacks of lecture recording, and the factors that influence these effects. Then, based on some of the recommendations provided by the literature, the researcher conducted a mini-experiment with six courses to find whether it would increase student views of recorded lecture videos. Paired t-tests of longitudinal survey data found no significant increase in student view statistics after the researcher’s assistant titled each video and uploaded it faster. However, descriptive statistics found the videos of all six courses to be very useful or helpful to most students. The study raises a further question of whether clipping the videos would increase student views.

Keywords: Lecture recording; Experiment; Audio; Videos


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Ly, M. (2022). Lecture recording: Mini-experiment and student usage. JAFESS, 7(2), 85-98.

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